Live Music Production

The Leading Show Organisers

in Western Switzerland

Live Music Production ? The most reliable organiser of shows in Western Switzerland and a must for the organisation of your own events.

Its founder, Michael Drieberg, inspired most of the major changes in the “show business” market which have been taken place in Switzerland over the last 20 years. Some examples?

Geneva Arena

A unique example of fruitful collaboration between private partners and the City and State of Geneva.

Salle Métropole

Exclusive management of Lausanne’s Salle Métropole.

Festival Sion sous les étoiles

5-day festival at the Plaine de Tourbillon, since 2014.


The most authoritative magazine on cinema and music published in collaboration with EDIPRESSE Group.

Jungle Records

Acquisition of the music publishing label.


A recording studio equipped with state of the art technology, created with partners from music labels, radio and other media.

V.S.P. & Leysin Rock festival

Majority shareholder.


Acquisition of Francopholies licence for Switzerland.

Technical Equipment

Do you work in the events industry?

Undoubtedly, you have noticed the increased importance of technical equipment and the need for competent staff, able to fully exploit what’s available to its utmost. The solution? Live Music Production! Take advantage of our know-how in the organisation of shows and artistic and technical design for events which is genuinely unique in Western Switzerland.

We have:

A large inventory of equipment, based in Geneva, technical competence married with long-standing expertise and an exceptional international network.

We can provide you with:

Artistic and technical event design, Live performance technical support, Infrastructure, Logistics and hospitality, marketing promotion, Ticket office, Stage, Sound, Lights etc…

Our partners

Live Music Production does not receive any state financial support. We work with high profile partners for the promotion of our shows.

Coop, Banque du Léman, Groupe Mutuel, Le Matin, Tribune de Genève, 24 heures, Le Matin Dimanche, Global Securité, are all leaders in their respective fields and provide us with their network of agencies, ticket offices, shops and communication media (print, TV, publication, advertising, radio).

The result? A media presence that is unique in Switzerland with an incredible number of fantastic events being advertised! A big THANK YOU to all of our partners for their hugely appreciated contribution to the continued success of Live Music Production.