Live Music Production



The following General Terms & Conditions apply to the relations between the Buyer of tickets and the Organiser.


The Organiser commits to ensure maximum security in the premises where the show takes place, but cannot be held responsible for any damage.

The Attendee commits to comply with the security measures put in place by the Organiser. Non-compliance with such measures may result in the removal of the person from the show premises of any person causing trouble as well as rendering their tickets invalid.

signs-1The recording of sound and/or of images of any kind is prohibited and may result in removal from the event without refund. Attendees may be searched at the entrance to some venues. Access may be refused to any person refusing to undergo such security measures.

signs-2It is explicitly forbidden to take into the venue: weapons, explosives, flammable or volatile substances, sharp or blunt objects and, more generally, any object which may serve as a projectile, any pyrotechnic item, signs and banners of any size of a political, ideological, religious or advertising nature. All offenders will be held liable and may be prosecuted.

signs-3It is forbidden to enter with drinks and food.

signs-4Some objects may also be forbidden at the entrance, such as umbrellas or motorcycle helmets. Paid cloakroom facilities are available where necessary. It is forbidden for minors younger than 16 to enter the event premises without an accompanying adult who shall be responsible for them. All minors must be able to show an ID with date of birth and photograph. For health reasons, children of less than 6 (six) years old are not admitted to any event. The Organisers refuse to accept any responsibility for any injury suffered as a result of violation of this rule.

signs-5Mobile phones must remain switched off until the end of the show.

Ticket Office

The Holder of a ticket attends the event to which the ticket grants access under their own responsibility. Any exit is considered as final, except in exceptional circumstances where a token shall be issued, valid only together with the ticket itself.

Lost or damaged tickets may not be replaced. In principle, a ticket loses its validity as soon as the attendee leaves the premises. It shall be presented whenever required by any security check on site. In order to avoid fraud, tickets should only be collected/ordered from an official point of sale (with the exception of print@home, see below).

Orders of more than ten tickets must be made through Live Music Production via the Order Form. When seats are numbered, you should occupy your seat at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the show. Access to numbered seats is not guaranteed after the scheduled start time for the show and does not give the right to any refund.

Refusal of Admission to the Event for print@home Tickets

The Organiser may refuse entry to an attendee if several prints, reproductions, copies or imitations of a print@home ticket are in circulation and access to the event has already been previously granted to the holder of a print, reproduction, copy or imitation of such print@home ticket. In particular, the Organiser is not obliged to check the identity of the person presenting the print@home ticket in order to verify that they are indeed the purchaser of the ticket, nor is it obliged to check the authenticity of any such print@home ticket, insofar as the imitation or the copy cannot be identified in an unmistakable way as such during the entrance check to the event. If the holder of a print@home ticket is rejected for such a reason during an entrance check, it shall not give rise to any right to a refund of the price paid.

Refund or Exchange

In general, any refund or exchange of tickets is excluded.

Postponement of the Event

In the event of postponement or change of location of the event, for any reason whatsoever, the ticket is automatically valid for the new date or location where the event shall take place. In general, refunds or exchange of tickets is excluded.

Cancellation of the Event

If a show is cancelled, for any reason whatsoever, the relevant ticket(s) must be presented to the ticket office where they were purchased/ordered within 30 days maximum from the date printed on the ticket. Only the amount appearing on the ticket will be refunded.

In principle, open-air events will take place in any weather conditions. Particularly adverse weather conditions do not entitle the holder to a ticket refund.


Tickets for wheelchair users must be ordered in advance through Live Music Production by phone on 0041 22 994 31 31. As these tickets are limited, Live Music Production cannot guarantee that tickets will always be available.

Disabled attendees are provided with a reserved space and entrance (whether in a wheelchair or not) in the main hall where the concert is taking place. However, there are a limited number of places available.


In general, any person refusing to comply with the instructions of our security manager may be refused entrance to the event, without being entitled to any refund.